The Powerful, Simple, Affordable Retail POS

Groovv Storefront is an easy-to-use, tablet-based point of sale solution designed to help small businesses run more efficiently and grow more successfully.


All the details. None of the clutter.

  • Product demo videos
  • Complete user manuals
  • Exclusive training videos

You do more than process sales.

So should your point of sale.

Groovv point of sale is designed to be at the center of your retail business. Connect with customers in the store and then reconnect afterwards with targeted email campaigns. Run reports to see what’s selling and what’s not. Whatever your retail aspirations, Groovv can help you manage your business and build a best-in-class customer experience.


Keep Lines Short and Quickly Ring Up Sales

Use quick launch point-of-sale buttons to easily access your most popular products. Arrange the buttons
however you want through color codes, pictures or location. Or simply scan items with the bar code scanner.
Accept credit & debit cards with the integrated card reader.


Impress your customers

Groovv puts information at your fingertips with unlimited number of inventory items, item lookup with cost and quantity on hand view and the ability to email receipts so you can deliver an amazing customer experience.

Back office management and reporting

Full back office with maintenance, reporting and charts. Item lookup, cost and quantity on hand view. Sales by departments and customer sales records. Item sales by date, hour, clerk or device and full transaction detail.


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Inventory Management Made Easy

It’s a breeze to add, edit and remove products, including images, stock levels and tax. Flexible pricing options include full support for discounting, sale campaigns and price variation by location and customer type.


“Groovv keeps me on track and organized and puts me on a stricter budget…allowing better decisions in regards to knowing what inventory to buy or not to buy. And customer service is excellent. I actually talk to a person and they walk me through everything, step by step.”

~ Brandy J. – Babyflix, South Fort Smith, AK

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Get To Know Your Customers

Groovv makes it easy to build and manage a contact list of your customers. There’s a full history of purchases your customers have made and with Groovv Offers marketing campaigns are just a few screen taps away.


Reporting and Analytics

Get an instant snapshot of your sales and products.


“The Groovv Tablet has a lot of cool features. I really like the inventory management. I like the fact that I can be anywhere, anyplace, and look into my sales…my profits…and see what I’m selling the least…what I’m selling the most….and make any necessary adjustments from there.”

~ Jose S – Sweet Palette Bakery, Hanford, CA

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Not Just Technical Support – Total Business Support

Customer service, technical support and marketing advice…day or night.


Complete Hardware & Software Bundle

Combine multiple operations into one easy-to-use application. Accept cash, checks, credit and debit through your POS system. Choose from two different hardware options or add a tablet for mobile in-store sales.


Built-in mobile and social marketing

Groovv Offers’ web-based interface takes the guesswork out of marketing. Manage all your promotions from a single web-based tool anytime, anywhere. Increase traffic and drive repeat sales. Get customer sign-up tools and in-store signage to grow your list.

Easy electronic application

Sign up for a Groovv Storefront POS system in minutes

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