Serve Customers Quicker with a Harbortouch QSR &Delivery Point of Sale System

Equip your business with a full featured all-in-one touch screen point of sale system included at no charge with your low rate merchant account.


All the details. None of the clutter.

  • Product demo videos
  • Complete user manuals
  • Exclusive training videos

A POS System You Can Rely On

Harbortouch is trusted by more than 25,000 small business owners to run and grow their businesses.
Simple to learn and easy to use. Harbortouch is a powerful turn-key POS system designed to help
you get the data you need to make smarter business decisions but without breaking the bank.


Built for Speed
and Efficiency

Customize your layout and use built-in to increase the speed of your transactions and simplify employee training.


Keep Lines Short and Quickly Ring Up Sales

Add items to any order by tapping or searching by name. Need to customize an order? Use modifiers to offer exactly what the customer wants, like no onions or extra pickles. And then print that order remotely to the kitchen. You can also easily adjust item quantities or apply discounts on the fly at the item or order level.


Increase Your Revenue with
Easy Check Management

Allow customers to keep tabs open at the bar, add food to an existing order, or save a check for later and move on to the next customer.

  • Transfer tickets to other users
  • Split checks
  • Change the price or quantity of an item
  • Repeat previously ordered items
  • Manage gratuity and taxes

Manage Tables With Ease

Simple check navigation makes managing multiple tables a breeze. Easily see which tables in your restaurant are occupied, which are vacant and how many people are at each table.



Menu Setup

Add and edit menu items in real-time with a simple and intuitive interface. The menu settings can be fully customized and feature unlimited menu items, categories, choice sets and modifiers.

Ready to start building your Harbortouch POS system?

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For more information, call a POS Specialist at 888-999-1343

Caller ID & Delivery Management

Save time, reduce errors and enhance your customer experience.

“I have over 20 years experience using POS systems in retail stores and restaurants, and this system has been the easiest to use, and more importantly, the easiest to train new employees on.”

~ Robert K. – Teodora Caffe, Twin Falls, ID

Ready to start building your Harbortouch POS system?

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Employee Management

See when your employees clock in and out from anywhere you have an internet connection. Communicate directly with your staff by adding message of the day to the login screen. Promote sales of a particular item or wish a staff member Happy Birthday!



Track Hours with Built-In Time Clock

Have employees clock in and clock out of shifts directly on the POS system so you know exactly how many hours they work, making shift management and payroll a breeze.

Role-Based Permissions

Easily assign cashier, manager and back office access to each employee as relevant. Let the right employees do the right things, whether that means accessing sales reports, managing payouts or simply ringing up sales.



Server-Level Reporting

Find out which servers and registers are most productive and manage employees accordingly. Gain valuable insight into sales data at the employee level.

“We also use the system for tracking empoloyees hours and payroll and sending messages to employees on a daily basis regarding specific duties and news of the day.”

~Ken U. – Kohl’s Frozen Yogurt, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Ready to start building your Harbortouch POS system?

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Customer Database

Keep customers happy by understanding them better. Easily capture customer information on any sale, then use that info to track what your customers are buying and to improve your marketing with intelligently targeted communications.


“We made the switch to Harbortouch and since then, our customer count has grown 10%, our turnaround time for customers is much quicker, and our ordering mistakes have disappeared.”

~Fred F. – The Lunch Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

Ready to start building your Harbortouch POS system?

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Reporting and Analytics

All your key business data is just one click away


“Our POS provides daily tabulation and verification of all sales, credit card transactions, hours of employees, inventory of stock, and gives us a printed record of all key reports.”

~Larry B. – North Port Moose Lodge, North Port, FL

Ready to start building your Harbortouch POS system?

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For more information, call a POS Specialist at

Choose optional accessories or multiple systems

Accessories can be purchased or added to monthly support

Remote-PrinterRemote Printer

Quickly send orders to the kitchen or appropriate area such as the bar, salad prep station, etc.


Highly accurate scale featuring a heavy-duty cast aluminum casing with an easy-to-clean stainless steel platform.

Kitchen-Video-SystemKitchen Video System

Orders display on a 17″ monitor in the kitchen where the queue can easily be managed with the included “bump pad”

Customer Display PoleCustomer Display Pole

Allows customers to view the price of items sold or you can display a promo message for marketing purposes

Caller-IDCaller ID

Fully integrated caller ID allows you to view a customer’s contact information and order history on your POS system as the call comes in

Extra Employee-Time-Clock-CardsExtra Employee Time Clock Cards

Add extra employee cards to track labor hours and manage employee access

Work where you want when you want

You don’t need to be at your business location to make changes to your POS system. Update your menu items or products remotely through the Harbortouch Lighthouse feature. View reports such as sales and inventory reports from any computer with an Internet connection.



Integrated gift and loyalty cards

Every Harbortouch POS system bundle is also eligible for 50 free customized, full color gift cards and a 60-day free trial. Choose from a wide selection of professionally designed card templates or produce your own cards with custom artwork and images. A simple and intuitive online interface allows you to easily select a template or upload your own image to customize the cards for your business.

We’re here when you need us

Running a business is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about your POS system.
That’s why Harbortouch offers onsite installation, comprehensive training and 24/7
live technical support. Supporting your business is our number one commitment.

Always Available

Harbortouch’s U.S. based support team is always available by phone, email or chat. In
fact they pride themselves on being the best in the business.


“I would highly recommend Harbortouch to anyone looking for a POS system. Their tech support team is second to none. They are always there 24/7 and go out of their way to be helpful and follow up when they say they will.”

~Daniel G. – Giadas Italian Cucino, Henderson, NV

Easy electronic application

Here’s how to get started

Ready to start building your Harbortouch POS system?

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For more information, call a POS Specialist at

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